Endorsed Education Provider (EEP™) FAQs

Q. I am an EEP and would like to know if my courses qualify for CDUs or PDHs.

You can find this information in the Endorsed Education Provider Handbook

Q. My company offers BA courses and we’re thinking of seeking endorsement. Where can I find out more about your program?

You can find out more in the Endorsed Education Provider Handbook

Q. What is the turnaround time once I’ve submitted an application? 

IIBA® must receive payment in full prior to an application being submitted for assessment. On average, the turnaround time is 15 business days. 

Q.  I am the Training Manager for an IT company which employs a large number of Business Analysts.  I recently received a training request made for a very specialized topic related to requirements. I am writing to request a contact for IIBA’s training department.

IIBA itself does not engage in providing training courses. IIBA Endorsed Education Provider program reviews, assesses and endorse course offerings for providers.  

We have a list of certified vendors who offer computer-based courses, online courses and classroom-based around the world.

If you are looking for a professional to assist you with your training needs, you can post your requirements on the Career Centre website.

Q. Why did IIBA® introduce the mandatory purchase of the BABOK in the IIBA® Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) Agreement (2012)?

IIBA® has always had a requirement that Endorsed Education Provider (EEP)’s had to purchase copies of the BABOK® Guide where a number of sections of BABOK content were used in a course’s content. Voluntary compliance to this requirement has been low. 

Additionally, we have found the standardized knowledge and usage business analysis, as defined by the BABOK, requires additional support and expansion. 

While knowledge is gained through EEP courses, we have determined a need to encourage usage of the BABOK by business analysts in everyday use. Mandatory distribution of the standardize body of knowledge by EEPs  is yet another way of expanding usage and supporting shared knowledge within the BA community. 

This agreement simplifies the requirement for BABOK purchases (a purchased copy for each student at each presentation of an endorsed course), at the same time granting EEP vendors the right to unlimited access of BABOK content within their courses. To facilitate this purchase, IIBA is offering EEPs a significant discount on their BABOK purchases.

Interpretation of the BABOK® Guide purchase clause

Purchase of the BABOK is required for all providers presenting endorsed courses. More simply put, if you submit a course for endorsement there is an expectation that you will purchase the BABOK for students.

Q. My course is not based on the BABOK. Do I still need to purchase?

The ability to seek an exemption from this requirement is at the course level, rather than at the Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) level. Specifically, an exemption can be requested if a particular course is:
  • related to a tool (for example, a requirements management tool vendor is offering a course related to their tool)
  • related to an underlying competency (e.g. leadership or problem solving)
  • is developed and is based on business analysis content other than the BABOK. For example, if a course was developed prior to the BABOK, or based on source material other the BABOK and  therefore does use IIBA’s Intellectual Property (IP), there is no requirement to purchase copies of the BABOK for the course.
If you wish to apply the exclusion clause because the course was developed on content other than the BABOK, we request that you provide materials supporting or confirming that your course should be exempt from the purchase requirement. Examples which could be used in support of your request could include identification of source material, or historic documentation showing the development of the course.

Q. This course is one of several students may take. Students will have X number by the time they finish the program. Can’t they just prove they have purchased a copy?

We ask that providers issue a BABOK to each student as a means of ensuring that they have the most current version of the materials. 

But having X number of copies is wasteful and not green. 

This is an opportunity for a greater number of people to access the materials to reference.

If your course is delivered only online, you can purchase copies of the .pdf, otherwise you must purchase hard copies. 

I encourage my students to become IIBA® members, so they already have access to their own copy.

In exchange for unlimited use of the BOK in teaching materials, we ask vendors to purchase a copy of the BOK for all students. 

While all IIBA Members have access to an electronic copy, this is an opportunity to purchase a bound hard copy.

But my students already have a hard copy … 

While students may have a hard copy of the a version of the BABOK, giving them a copy ensures that students all are working from the same standard text. An option is to share extra copies with your colleagues (for example, your Project Manager) in order to make the BABOK more available. 

If you have additional questions regarding the Endorsed Education Provider (EEP) program, please forward them to eep@iiba.org